bride and groom

31 Aug: God’s original plan for men and women

In the beginning, God had a plan of peace and abundance for men and women.  The plan was that, as equal partners and working in unity with our Creator, man and woman would take care of the earth in joyful, purposeful harmony, forever.  The plan went astray, but God has paved the way to return to it once again.

23 Jun: A Lasting Legacy for Women

We are grateful to people like Henrietta Muir Edwards who campaigned for the justice of all people. Still, after 150 years of progress and increasing equality, many women are not yet experiencing true freedom. Biases still exist and the battle of the sexes hasn’t been resolved. For true freedom we need to recognize that the root is spiritual.
fearless girl statue

10 Apr: The day of the fearless girl

The "Fearless Girl" tells women that no dream is too low and no calling too high.  Many women have not recognized who they are, and who they were meant to be.  Our Creator meant for women to be powerful and fearless...a perfect complement (not competitor) with men.

27 Oct: Women arising within the nations

The arising of women is fruit of the kingdom of God, because equality was His idea from the beginning. Not sameness, but equality. As men and women cooperate and honour and respect one another, this force for change cannot be stopped.