Jesus- Empowers- Women

starlix medicine Chlef Women have been seeking empowerment since creation existed since leaving the Garden of Eden. Lack of empowerment and disharmony has resulted in injustices in the lives of women. Roles have changed, laws have been made to protect women and children and they are good and have a function in our modern society, however, there are many injustices that women experience in the home, the workplace and society at large.The day to day experiences of many women do not live up to their expectations. We still suffer in silence. Legalism would say we are equal in name but still find ourselves suffering difficulties, injustices and unhealthy control. One in three women experience rape or assault in their lifetime. Many women when becoming pregnant are bullied into having abortions even though they have a deep seated desire to keep their babies. Human trafficking is prevalent in our day and women from every sector of society are subject to this abuse and bondage. Young girls and women from every walk of life are vulnerable. The internet is a dangerous place and their low self-esteem allows them to be trapped by the luring and seduction on the internet. Many live in bondage in their own families and are too ashamed to seek help.

te rencontrer betekenis Kettering Many of us live beneath our potential and our true identity and have succumbed to who the culture of the day says we are. God’s creation was perfect and women were created to live in harmony and unity with men.There were many social ills in the past,poverty, illiteracy, drunkenness, inequalities in education or of being of equal value to society. So whether past or present women are still dishonoured and undervalued leaving us wounded.Laws can be made but we need more than the law, we need fundamental change in attitude and perceptions.Many need rescuing. The family is under attack in our society: and many live in bondage in their own home. Oppression of women,inequalities and exploitation exist. However well educated or informed we are, women struggle with true identity and self worth. We are still in need of spiritual and emotional healing.

club 50 ans plus To go back to our spiritual roots and step into harmony with our Creator seems necessary in order to address societies ills. The whole of creation established equality at the foundation of God’s people on earth. To go back to the order of God’s creation and who we were meant to be by God’s design is necessary to come into harmony and unity in our relationships. The truth is most liberating for us and them. That was God’s design for dignity, equality and value.Men and women honouring one another. Jesus modeled this in his attitude to women. This is the kind of positive image that should be reflected in all of our relationships, the subordination of women to men was never God’s design for humanity. When we live in disharmony and disunity we choose selfishness over God’s best plan for us all. Brokenness is the result. Jesus empowers us all to return to His design and order, and empowers us to live with the hope of restoration.

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