New form of feminism
After the fall of man relationships were fractured between men and women. God wants to restore that relationship and heal us so we can agree with his original plan. This is His time for the restoration of women, and men too.

womens-march053_200_200Women marching on the streets and claiming their rights has not been seen for some time. Throughout history women have been oppressed and have had to fight for rights and equality with men to be able to fully express their gifts and talents. We as women have won the right to own property, be educated and vote.  We are still experiencing dishonour and control and in some instances do not have equal pay for equal work with our male counterparts and one in three women are abused.

I would march on the streets for equality and justice for women, however the march in Washington last week was confusing as so many did not seem to know why they were marching and cloaked under the banner of women’s rights were ideologies I cannot support. Ultimately the march did not reflect me or many other women I know. I was actually ashamed at the way they were acting out, causing the positive rights of women to lose ground and to lose respect. Violence and abuse is never a way to achieve respect and achieve our objectives.

It is a well known fact that women who have abortions suffer grief and lifelong regret and pain that chains them to their past and denying the rights of their unborn babies. Islamic women suffer great indignity and control. They are unable to go out in society unless accompanied by a male relative, Sharia law is a very restrictive religious law and governs members of the Islamic faith. Key rules legislating public behaviour which are very intrusive and restrictive especially against women.

For example theft is punished by the amputation of the hand, a Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punished by death. If a non-Muslim man marries a Muslim woman, honour killings are legitimate. A man can beat his wife and so much more. This speaks of bondage and restriction and terror not freedom. So again I ask what was the real reason they marched. Some were paid professionals and some are anti western and want to destroy and take over  western freedom. There is a twisted agenda and women’s right’s are just a cover for more sinister motives.

Women’s rights should lead to freedom.

There are spiritual roots to these actions which lead to spiritual problems and go back to the creation of man and the fall of man. Women have been oppressed and controlled since that time and struggled for freedom.

God’s perspective on women is that women were created equal in his image and were commanded to have equality with man though with a different role and function. This was God’s plan but after the fall of man relationships were fractured and especially between men and women. He wants to restore that relationship and heal us so we can agree with his original plan and not agree with the darkness and evil that wants to intrude.

This is God’s time for the restoration of women, and the relationships between men and women, and must include mutual honour,  respect and blessing the unique gifts and perspective resident in each other. It is time for women to be seen who can represent a different godly voice representing this God of truth and freedom.

There are spiritual forces in the world good and bad, the good have been overshadowed by the bad, misogyny and control being the most evident and we need to be free from these so we can come into harmony. As we raise our voices in a truthful and loving way along with the men who support us, there is hope for healing and the battle of the sexes can be overcome.


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